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Our understanding is that the DNA in every cell is responsible for re-enacting what has been recorded in our past, in a way, like looping onto itself. The DNA not only serves to record, it also plays back what has been recorded in the past, in manifesting our present. Then, through this re-enactment, the emotions generated lead to the thinking patterns that are all re-recorded back into the DNA. With the increased complexity of the gathered data from generation upon generation, the highly scrambled messages of the current DNA form are formulating more and more complex diseases, making ailments more difficult to manage.  Similarly, humans are experiencing more and more complex psychological breakdown, even at a much earlier age.

Our findings have helped us to understand why we have sicknesses, why we age, and why a person’s life can be so problematic. It is because of the accumulation of events we have inherited dating back to the beginning of the universe, when consciousness first struck. It is with this understanding that we have found a corresponding solution.  

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Hope for Humanity

Through our comprehensive research, products, methods and education, we sincerely hope to bring light to a new culture in showing people that human suffering, sickness, aging and ultimately death are all directly related to our thinking patterns. If a person really wants to change their life for the better, if they want to experience more happiness and well-being, they will need assistance and guidance in identifying and addressing the origin of the ailment. This new culture can help humanity to evolve, so there will be much less hostility in the world. The disputes and conflicts between individuals, countries and nations can begin to subside and head in a more neutral and peaceful direction. Our research has distinctly shown us the significant impact each generation has on its offspring. The data we inherit will be transferred and stored in the DNA of the next generation. So the only real hope we have for our children and for future generations, is to work on ourselves in minimizing our own data. We believe that minimizing this data, along with the proper education, is the only way for humanity to truly sustain its evolution.